Benefits of bio garden
“Add years to your life and life to your years”

Bio garden at your home is a deliciously rewarding experience which provides immense pleasure and life to your day-to-day routine in addition to the benefits of organic hand-picked vegetables and leafy greens. The warmth of the sun, the scent of the flowers and the beauty for the eyes provide the much needed nourishment for good physical and mental health.

SSNS bio garden cares for you and fulfils all your dreams for your own garden through their experience in providing professional services and support for terrace garden, hydroponics and aquaponics. We also provide value through our end-to-end solutions for farming as a business with low investment and high return of investment.

Our service

“Making your life a dream and your dream a reality”

Terrace / Open Garden

Fulfilling your dream of having a private garden at your terrace or open land.


Soil less farming-dutch bucket, DWC, NFT from affordable prices and also commercial hydroponics farming.


Fish based farming satisfying your interest in both aquaculture and horticulture.

Farming as a business

Maximizing your returns with minimal investment in modern farming.

Institutional farming

Supporting research projects in automation and IoT based farming.

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Our Packages

“A to Z in gardening – Giving our clients what they want, when they want and how they want”


Passion Package

First-time garden packages

Multiple varieties of vegetables, flowers, fruits and medicinal plants grown from organic seeds with nourished soil and required nutrients for all budgets ranging from Rs.2,500 to Rs.85,000.


Luxury Package

Your own love song…a duet between you and mother nature

Your-Own Your-Exclusive Green Net Garden for your choice of vegetables, fruits, flowers, medicinal plants including vertical garden, bonsai, honey bee set-up for area 500 sq. ft. and above @ Special Price Fully customized for your preference with service support


Creativity Package

Exciting Soil-less creative farm

Hydroponics – Dutch Bucket and DWC systems for your own choice of vegetables and leafy greens & aquaponics – edible or ornamental fishes under a polyhouse structure with area from 160 sq. ft. @ attractive prices

growing plant

Business Package

Growing food is printing money

Maximizing your returns with minimal investment in modern farming hydroponics – Dutch Bucket and DWC systems for growing of vegetables and leafy greens based on our expert advise & aquaponics – edible or ornamental fishes under a polyhouse structure with area from 900 sq. ft.


Happy client

There’s only one thing that matters…..customer satisfaction

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